OpenLink Financial Endur for Apache’s traders

US marketing and upstream operations to benefit from trading and risk management solution.

Apache Corp. has selected OpenLink Financial’s Endur to manage its US marketing activities. Endur is a ‘front, middle, and back-office’ solution for trading, risk management and operations for the energy sector. Apache is implementing Endur for end-to-end management of physical crude oil, natural gas, and natural gas liquid transactions and will be working with OpenLink to extend Endur’s upstream functionality into contract administration, producer services, scheduling and midstream.

Apache VP Janine McArdle said, ‘We expect OpenLink’s system will enable us to process transactions related to our increasing production volumes, analyze and manage data more efficiently and provide controls that improve our economics and return value to our shareholders.’ OpenLink CEO Kevin Hesselbirg added, ‘We are pleased to be working with Apache to address the specific needs of the E&P community with the addition of wellhead producer services.’

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