Fieldbus safety instrumentation demos at Shell Global Solutions

Interoperable equipment spec supports ‘proactive condition based monitoring.’

The Shell Global Solutions technology centre in Amsterdam was the venue for a recent Fieldbus Foundation Safety Instrumented Functions (SIF) demonstration with attendance from worldwide process automation end users and equipment suppliers. The SIF demo promoted adoption of Foundation-based safety instrumentation, best practices and interoperability test tools for control system and instrumentation.

Fieldbus Foundation CEO Rich Timoney emphasized the use of proactive condition-based monitoring in emergency shut down (ESD) saying ‘Foundation SIF’s diagnostics improve safety functions and streamline testing. The technology offers new opportunities to optimize asset management and reduce operating costs.’ A safety shutdown demo rig incorporated technology from HIMA, Yokogawa, ABB, Siemens, Emerson and others. Other demos running at Saudi Aramco, Chevron, and BP included other systems and products from all of the major process automation suppliers.

Shell Global Solutions’ Audun Gjerde conducted the live SIF demo including high and low level trips, partial stroke valve tests, and a test that was interrupted by the ESD. Even in the middle of a partial stroke test the ESD could successfully take over and shut down the system. Two out of three voting was demonstrated using various Fieldbus SIF devices. Gjerde commented, ‘Shell expects SIF diagnostics and an integrated asset management system will result in early detection of dangerous device failures—and fewer wasted trips.’ Shell, Saudi Aramco, BP and Chevron presented at the event and attendees included Emerson, Invensys, Saudi Aramco, Siemens and Yokogawa.

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