Landmark’s DecisionSpace R5000 launches at Rome EAGE

New framework includes 70 products spanning upstream. SDK offered to third party developers.

Already covered in Oil IT Journal last April, Landmark has now officially rolled-out the DecisionSpace ‘R5000’ release of some 70 products spanning the E&P lifecycle. CTO Chris Usher said, ‘R5000 will increase productivity and collaboration across the upstream. R5000 results from a multi-year integration effort by Landmark. In upgrading all applications to a common platform, we provide an enabling framework for the Halliburton ‘Digital Asset,’ allowing operators to model, measure and optimize their asset.’

Landmark’s ‘DecisionSpace’ framework supports workflows across in-house applications and other vendors’ offerings. New features include enhanced drag-and-drop functionality and common viewing for all applications. Knowledge capture capabilities provide audit trails of decision-making and preserve crucial information. ‘Customer-driven’ enhancements to project management address ‘rampant’ data duplication issues and enable faster project start up.

R5000 notably includes new functionality in Landmark’s PowerView (geoscience interpretation) GeoProbe (3D volume interpretation and visualization), OpenWells (drilling) and Nexus (development). A software development kit provides access to the R5000 applications and data stores. According to Landmark, ‘numerous’ third party developers are already leveraging the SDK to link their products to R5000 solutions and create novel workflows.

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