El Paso protects pipeline network with ThreatScan

Solar-powered sonic intrusion detection system equips 11 mile section of Houston pipeline.

El Paso Corp. has deployed GE Oil and Gas’ ‘ThreatScan’ sensors on an 11-mile section of a natural gas pipeline in southeastern Houston to enable around the clock remote monitoring. ThreatScan’s solar powered acoustical sensors reduce the risk of third-party damage (often from construction machinery) to critical pipeline segments.

Jesus Soto, VP operations with El Paso said, ‘Third-party damage is the most significant integrity threat to both liquid and gas networks globally. Installing ThreatScan sensors on our Houston-area pipeline underscores our continued commitment to protecting the integrity of our assets.’

ThreatScan, developed by GE Oil and Gas’ PII Pipeline Solutions unit, transmits vibrations that may signal an impact over satellite to the ThreatScan call center in Houston. If appropriate, operators can be notified for further action and remediation. GE Oil and Gas operates a similar call center at its headquarters site in Florence, Italy to support European ThreatScan users.

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