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Energistics—PPDM MoU, IHS provides well ids, UncertML announced, Chevron endorses PPDM 3.8.

Energistics (formerly POSC) and the Public Petroleum Data Model Association (PPDM) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) and established reciprocal memberships to identify areas of cooperation. The MoU aims to ensure the organizations leverage each other’s strengths, ‘for the benefit of the upstream oil and natural gas industry as a whole.’ PPDM and Energistics will identify standards suitable for joint sponsorship or joint member participation. One such field is the development of connectors for ‘seamless’ data transfer between Energistics’ PRODML production data exchange standard and PPDM’s flagship data model.


It has been a long time a-coming, the project kicked off in 2004 (Oil ITJ March 04),but IHS and Energistics have finally announced availability of the ‘first-ever’ standard for global unique well identifiers (GUWI). This provides a unique identifier for all known E&P wells outside North America. The GUWI replaces multiple naming conventions and spellings and should help companies find and match well data from multiple sources. The new service extends IHS’ existing identification services for its clients and will be ‘readily available to the industry as a whole.’ IHS VP Bob Stevenson explained ‘The GUWI service is designed so that no oil company, service company or data vendor is precluded from obtaining a standard well identifier.’ The GUWI is made up of three components, a registration service for new wellbores, a matching service to tie existing wellbore records to the new standard and a proprietary master well index for IHS clients that contains meta-data for IHS’ US, Canadian and international wells.


Researchers at Aston University UK have come up with ‘UncertML,’ a new XML schema for exchanging uncertainty information. A paper* by Matthew Williams et al. describes a framework for interoperable communication of uncertainty in geospatial data and risk management. The project leverages OGIS standards for spatial representation and sensor information. The project was funded by the European Commission, under the Sixth Framework Program.


PPDM has announced V3.8 of its petroleum data model. The new version, the fruit of three years work by industry experts, enhances existing subject areas and adds new ones—reflecting a growing emphasis on data management. V3.8 adds nearly 500 tables to the model in equipment and facilities management, records management, HSE, well operations and classification. Arthur Boykiw (Petro-Canada and PPDM chairman) said, ‘This release and its adoption demonstrates PPDM’s leadership in providing an environment in which software, data, consulting service, governments and E&P organizations work together.’ PPDM reports a ‘rapid increase’ in the number of implementations of the PPDM data model both as a master data store and a component of master data management solutions. Chellie Hailes, global upstream information architect with Chevron said, ‘PPDM membership can congratulate itself on the development of its most comprehensive data model to date. We are very pleased to make PPDM 3.8 the foundation of our upstream master data management’


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