SAP implementation fixes ‘uncoordinated’ plant maintenance

Accenture delivers SAP Netweaver-based solution to Korea National Oil Corporation.

Accenture has just completed a major SAP development for the Korea National Oil Corp. (KNOC). KNOC was faced with the challenge of ‘uncoordinated’ plant maintenance processes across disparate systems. Complex user interactions were resulting in high maintenance costs and low productivity. Accenture’s solution was an SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that enabled KNOC’s maintenance professionals to carry out all of their job-related transactions via an SAP NetWeaver portal.

The deployment has optimized KNOC’s business processes and improved data visibility thanks to the SAP’s Enterprise Service-oriented Architecture approach. KNOC has now standardized on SAP NetWeaver as its web services platform and Accenture reports ‘better workforce productivity with increased reliability due to immediate access to asset information.’ Reuse of web services extends across all KNOC oilfield applications and plant maintenance costs have been reduced. In 2006, KNOC reported sales of 1 billion.

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