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A new release of ZEH Montage Professional offers loading and zooming performance enhancements and automating the generation of multi-page PDF documents with a page size of up to 200”.

Enigma Data Solutions has successfully tested its PARS geoscience archiving solution on the NetApp NearStore Virtual Tape Library (VTL) appliance. VTL lets users archive data on disk-based storage while maintaining the advantages of tape-based backup systems and compatibility with legacy systems.

Mechdyne has just announced the 3D Review Station, an integrated display and software system that uses a high definition TV display to make interactive 3D more accessible to technical applications. Mechdyne’s Conduit software is used to view images created in commercial applications for engineering, geophysical mapping and other technical fields—in fully interactive stereoscopic 3D. The system includes a 61” HD screen, a 3D graphics workstation, 3D glasses and a game controller for interaction. Conduit modules include support for ProENGINEER, CATIA, ArcGIS, Google Earth and Autodesk Maya.

Millennial Net’s MeshScape 5 wireless mesh network introduces ‘virtually on’ technology to enable nodes to run at low power on batteries for several years. Active frequency hopping technology avoids interference in noisy environments and a new low latency capability reduces packet delivery time in multi-hop environments.

The 8.3 release of Exprodat’s NitroView ArcIMS helper app includes the ability to ‘re-symbolize’ vector layers and to add data from external data sources without first including it in the map service. NitroView offers ‘out-of-the-box’ integration with common E&P systems.

Completion Services’ Completion String Design (CSD) package now supports bi-directional data exchange with the IDS ProNet completions reporting database.

A new release of Auto-trol’s Konfig configuration and information management tool provides a central Oracle repository, globally distributed secure file vaults and web based clients for access by multiple users to corporate engineering data. Konfig 8’s smart workflows automate business processes according to predefined rules and metadata changes. A graphical workflow editor is used to build reusable templates for key business processes.

Quorum Land System 5.0 has achieved endorsement as a SAP business solution integrated with SAP ERP Financials.

Pitney Bowes has just announced Encom Discover V10.0, its geological mapping add-on to MapInfo. The new release notably offers supports for very large grids such as continental SRTM data.

Endeeper has announced PetroLedge Suite for capturing and analyzing petrographic descriptions of sedimentary rocks. PetroLedge includes a high-level geological ontology for classification and query.

Midland Valley has just rolled out ‘Move2008’ a fully integrated bundle of its structural geo-modeling tools 2DMove, 3DMove and 4DMove.

Neuralog has announced NeuraLaserColor—its dedicated color well log printing system. The new device offers continuous laser prints at up to 7” per second in ‘brilliant’ color. The printer is OEM’d from Lexmark International.

The R2.5 release of P2 Energy Solutions’ Enterprise Land toolset promises ‘complete’ integration with Enterprise Upstream and tighter integration with Tobin GIS Studio. A new lease acquisition module acts as a broker management system. The package is also now integratedwith SAP’s NetWeaver SOA platform.

Paradigm has announced Interpret 2008, its new well test analysis package. New functions include well test deconvolution and multi-session formation tests. The package is now compatible with Paradigm’s Geolog petrophysical package.

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