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MVE, QuickWells, SPT, CD-adapco, Exprodat, Galdos, Landmark, OpenSpirit, PSE, Fugro, Merrick, Perpetuum, CAP-XX, Trango, Badleys and Troika.

Midland Valley Exploration (MVE) is about to ship a ‘pre-release’ version of ‘Move2008,’ a common desktop for its 2, 3 and 4Dstructural analysis packages.

QuickWells has announced a toolset for the design, procurement and management of advanced completions. All completion data is held in a SQL Server database and a plugin development environment is available.

SPT Group and CD-adapco are to collaborate on optimizing computational flow assurance processes using their OLGA and STAR solvers.

Exprodat has released a new version of its Team-GIS Acreage Analyst, a data independent play fairway and acreage ranking ArcGIS 9.2 extension.

Galdos Systems has announced the free KML Validator on for Google Earth data files.

Landmark is working with OpenSpirit to develop a data connector for its GeoProbe volume interpretation tool.

A new release of Process Systems Enterprise’s gPROMS process modeling suite adds multi-layered flow-sheeting and on-flowsheet results in the form of tables, plots and colored animations of PVT data.

A new release of Fugro-Jason’s Geoscience Workbench includes ‘StatMod,’ a Monte Carlo statistics module developed for Jason’s reservoir characterization consultancy. StatMod combines geostatistics with seismic inversion to ‘reliably quantify uncertainty.’

The 2008 release of Merrick Systems’ eVIN mobile oilfield data capture tool offers route and stop management, capture of daily data, run ticket, and tank volumes and alarms and graphs for problem resolution. eVIN 2008 is used by Dallas-based Exco Resources to manage its 15,000 active US wells.

Perpetuum has teamed with CAP-XX Ltd. on a vibration energy-harvesting micro-generator and ‘supercapacitor’ hardware combo to provide battery-free wireless based condition monitoring of rotating equipment.

Fugro’s Trango unit has updated its Trango Manager to the .Net Framework 2.0 and the integrated GIS mapping module has been upgraded to ESRI ArcObjects. A web interface, Trango Expo is also available for ESRI ArcGIS Server back ends.

Badley Geoscience has announced new features to appear in TrapTester 6 later this year. A ‘TrapAnalyst’ faulted trap delineation and analysis tool completes the fault-seal analysis workflow. The new CubeXPlorer infrastructure facilitates data management and visualization of large seismic data volumes.

Troika has announced ‘Minima,’ an XML-based seismic data utility for managing SEGY and SEGY Rev 1.0. Minima reads SEGY navigation data for merging and workstation data loading. The tool is also suited to managing seismic data across high capacity media, disks and networks.

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