ImageConnect Oil and Gas hikes geodata offering

DigitalGlobe has announced high resolution imagery for surveillance and infrastructure development.

DigitalGlobe, provider of high-resolution satellite imagery and geospatial information, has announced ‘ImageConnect’ Oil and Gas (ICOG). ICOG provides on-demand access via GIS and OGIS Web Map Services (WMS) to coverage in areas of global oil and gas exploration. ICOG provides high resolution imagery of oil basins, refineries, pipelines and ‘high-interest geological areas.’


DigitalGlobe SVP Marc Tremblay said, ‘By accessing our advanced imagery online, oil companies can visualize acreage, select the best location for infrastructure placement in remote and rugged terrain and monitor facilities and reclamation areas—reducing the time and costs of onsite monitoring and surveying.’


DigitalGlobe operates the QuickBird high resolution satellite constellation and launched its first ‘next-generation’ satellite WorldView-1 this year. DigitalGlobe claims one of the world’s largest image libraries and provides online search and retrieval, production ready image layers, development tool-kits for internet enabled applications and devices, and software solutions for integration with GIS products and services.


DigitalGlobe targets high-interest areas around the world to add new images from its sub-meter resolution satellite constellation. By identifying and collecting geographical areas that impact geospatial decisions for the oil and gas community, DigitalGlobe plans to provide imagery solutions that deliver a ‘consistent, accurate, real-world perspective.’ An ImageConnect subscription provides direct connectivity to the library from desktop applications such as ESRI ArcGIS, MapInfo Professional, Autodesk Map 3D or any Web Map Service (WMS) enabled client.

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