Baker Hughes licenses DiscoveryWells WITSML technology

Kongsberg Intellifield’s SiteCom provides secure communications for drilling and production data.

Baker Hughes has signed a long term contract with Kongsberg Intellifield for its SiteCom, Discovery Wells and Real-Time Intelligence modules. Baker Hughes is to leverage the Kongsberg tools in web-based delivery of real-time visualization and analysis of drilling operations. Discovery Wells enables remote visualization of WITSML data streams from the well site. Multiple inputs of time or depth-based, real-time or historical data can be blended and viewed in a configurable graphical user interface. Other data sources such as MWD, LWD, mud, cement, weather, etc. can be incorporated in real-time.


SiteCom, one of the first testbed platforms for WITSML development is a real-time data management platform that is built upon the W3C SOAP technology for cross platform web services-based data exchange. SiteCom provides Baker Hughes with an integrated, secure environment for gathering, distributing and managing drilling, formation evaluation, completion and production data.


The infrastructure is planned as a �model� WITSML deployment that will be of interest to both international and national oil and gas companies interested in deploying their own secure enterprise wide infrastructure. In addition to gathering, distributing, and managing data in real-time, it will allow the additional benefits of standardizing real-time and automated global processes including QC of data, seamless flow of data into interpretation packages, and performance of analytical calculations using real-time data. More from

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