Rapid Solutions’ master well list ‘appliance’

Prime West Energy Trust uses Rapid Integration Appliance as single source of truth for well data.

For companies struggling with well identity management, Calgary-based Rapid Solutions has come up with a hardware and software ‘appliance’ to serve a master well list throughout the enterprise and to orchestrate connectivity across well lifecycle workflows.


Rapid has experience in delivering master well lists to clients such as Prime West Energy Trust whose COO Tim Granger said, ‘Our focus is a definitive master well list for the entire company to bring efficiencies to land, accounting and production systems.’


The Rapid Integration Appliance (RIA) provides a ‘single source of truth’ of well information for cross functional business processes. The RIA provides prebuilt integration with legacy departmental applications and a data foundation for ERP, BI and BPM solutions. Data flow and processes can be automated through workflow/notification engines and a balanced scorecard measurement system.


The RIA can talk to and coordinate master data in SAP, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, Cognos and Crystal Reports and other applications that ‘talk’ .NET, J2EE, XML, SOAP and more. Prebuilt oil and gas interfaces are available for production, land, engineering, reserves, economics, drilling, completions, geology and more.

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