Free online data management maturity checker announced

Paras Consulting provides online capability analysis tool for data standards, ownership evaluation.

UK-based Paras Consulting is offering a web based tool to assess corporate data management maturity. The free online questionnaire provides a quick benchmark of data management capabilities and allows for comparison with industry peers. Capabilities are evaluated across seven areas and the results presented graphically as a ‘spider chart’ showing areas of strength and weakness. Paras assures confidentiality—no company names are required or revealed.

Subject areas

Data topics include management, ownership, standards and nomenclature, data architecture and loading, physical data management, quality, and access. The questionnaire rounds off with a section on backup and restore, employees’ data ‘culture’, document management and the value-add from a dedicated data team. If a more detailed analysis is required, Paras consultants are ready to check out the submission and provide feedback. More from

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