Hess goes on IT shopping spree

Infrastructure and applications software deals with Paradigm, Schlumberger and IBM/Cognos.

Hess has been out shopping for IT infrastructure and application software. An agreement with Paradigm is to provide Hess’ upstream division with enterprise-access to Paradigm’s Epos database and infrastructure along with Geolog (petrophysics), Focus and Geodepth (seismic processing and imaging). The ‘multiyear’ contract includes training and consulting services. Scott Heck, Hess’ SVP of E&P technology said, ‘This new relationship with Paradigm is an investment in optimizing our petrotechnical software toolkit.’


Hess has also signed a deal with Schlumberger for application software, data management services and workflow support. This agreement adds GeoFrame, (reservoir characterization), Petrel (interpretation), ECLIPSE (fluid flow modeling), Merak (economics), OFM (production) and Drilling Office.


Meanwhile, Hess downstream has signed with IBM/Cognos for the provision of business intelligence software. Hess is to standardize performance management on Cognos to deliver unified access to critical information in its downstream operations. Hess will use Cognos 8 Business Intelligence (BI) within its retail, refining, finance, energy marketing and corporate divisions.


Hess CIO Jeff Steinhorn said, ‘Cognos give our managers self-service access to information that sill streamline operations and decision-making through a single, intuitive business intelligence solution.’

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