Oil Search reports successful leak detection test

EnergySolutions’ PipelineManager provides leak warning and accurate positional detection.

Oil Search, operator of all of Papua New Guinea’s oil and gas fields, has deployed and tested EnergySolutions’ Pipeline-Manager package. In two tests, Oil Search received a warning within seconds of the pipeline valve being opened and a full alert was received within minutes. A precise location was determined within 10 minutes, to within 0.44 km for one leak test and 0.67 km for another.


EnergySolutions CEO Jo Webber said, ‘Oil Search was experiencing an unacceptably high rate of false alarms with its custom-built system and looked to us for a field-proven off-the-shelf solution. PipelineManager meets the requirements for determining the severity and location of pipeline leaks without false alarms.’


Oil Search Project Manager Lara Kayess said, ‘PipelineManager’s leak detection function provided the sensitivity, robustness, reliability and accuracy we were after. PipelineManager provides significant improvements over our previous rupture detection system.’ More, including a case study for download, from www.energy-solutions.com.

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