Hyperion simulates GASCO expansion project

High fidelity dynamic simulator for Habshan Gas Complex for design and operations.

Hyperion Systems Engineering has completed an ‘engineering-grade’ dynamic simulation study of the Abu Dhabi Gas Industries’ (GASCO) Habshan Gas Complex expansion project on behalf of prime contractor Fluor Corp. The study verified the new compressor anti-surge protection systems and the performance of the load-sharing and control systems. The simulator was also used to check equipment prior to commissioning.

High fidelity

The study investigated the performance of the new plant and the potential impact on existing equipment. 60 scenarios were studied and recommendations made for control system changes to optimize overall plant design. A ‘high-fidelity’ dynamic model of the new and existing compressor trains was used to study both summer and winter operating conditions.


Fluor project engineer Steve Flood said, ‘Dynamic studies help predict how the new and existing machines will interact and allow anti-surge and load sharing considerations to be taken into account during the design stage of the project. The predictions of the dynamic simulations also provide valuable reference data for start up and commissioning of the machines.’

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