ISS, Schlumberger team

Exclusive rights to market BabelFish production integration suite conceded in $16 million deal—ring fenced to oil and gas upstream.

Perth, Australia-based ISS Group Ltd. has sold Schlumberger exclusive rights to market its ‘BabelFish’ production integration software to the upstream. The deal is worth at least $16 million over ‘several’ years—although revenues from maintenance and future sales will likely increase this amount.


Schlumberger Information Solutions president Tony Bowman said, ‘In combination with our Avocet production data management, surveillance, analysis and modeling solutions, ISS’ BabelFish web-based visualization framework will give production engineers and managers immediate access to actionable information—to proactively monitor and make adjustments to operations systems.’


ISS MD Shane Attwell added, ‘This deal is ring fenced to the upstream oil and gas industry and excludes our midstream and downstream oil and gas activity and the broader manufacturing sector, which has great potential for BabelFish applications.’ Last year, Saudi Aramco kitted out some 380 wells with ISS Group’s technology as a component of its ‘iField’ initiative (Oil ITJ July 2007). Other ISS clients include BG, Hess, Santos, ConocoPhillips and Petronas.

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