XML Convertor update set to ‘encourage standard adoption’

DataDirect’s bi-directional Edig@s to XML convertor opens up gas transmission data.

Progress Software Corp. unit DataDirect Technologies has released a new version of its DataDirect XML Converter, with expanded support for the European Edig@s standard transmission protocol. Edig@s is a protocol for operational data and messaging between gas dispatching centers based on the EDIFACT e-commerce standard. DataDirect’s XML Converters convert EDI, flat files or other legacy data formats to XML, making data accessible to virtually any application. Java and .NET components convert legacy data formats into XML and back without retooling Edig@s members’ applications.


DataDirect’s Carlo Innocenti said, ‘Our converter insulates an application from the details of the EDI message so that developers can quickly integrate EDI messages into downstream systems. Simplified support for Edig@s should encourage adoption of the standard and enhance interoperability.’ DataDirect notes the ‘persistence’ of the EDI standard for data exchange and views its bi-directional converters as providing a ‘best of both worlds’ solution that shields an organization from having to choose between XML and EDI.

IT infrastructure

Innocenti added, ‘Gas distributors now have a way to consume an EDI message and manipulate the information as XML, which is easily handled by the rest of the IT infrastructure. Documents and databases can be pulled together and converted to an Edig@s message and sent to other parties involved.’

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