BabelFish Aspect for web based spatial data integration project

ISS Australia’s data integration environment for the web blends Santos’ GIS data and documents.

Speaking at the ESRI Australia Resources Symposium this month, Grant Eggleton outlined ISS Australia’s work for Santos on the development of a bespoke spatial data integration environment for the web. Santos is using ISS’ BabelFish Aspect (BFA) data integration toolkit to combine geospatial and spatially-referenced unstructured data such as maps, documents, reports and real-time telemetry.


BFA combines information from multiple data-sources into a single, user-defined integrated view. Data types include geological cross sections, seismic sections, wireline logs, documents and ESRI GIS maps. A tree menu facilitates navigation and display. According to Eggleton, the ability to store and overlay information from different systems enhances knowledge management and retention.

Real time

BFA combines GIS data with non-spatial data sources, such as real-time systems and document repositories. Map data, documents and real-time data are selected and BFA combines the information into a single web view. The tool also tracks static and mobile assets such as wells, equipment and vehicles. More from

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