Landmark teams with Panasas on seismic storage

ActivStor storage ‘appliance’ now available bundled with ProMax/SeisSpace software.

Landmark has struck a ‘preferred-reseller’ and strategic development agreement with parallel storage solution provider Panasas Inc. The deal adds Panasas’ ActiveStor storage clusters to Landmark’s ProMAX SeisSpace seismic processing portfolio.


Landmark CTO Chris Usher said, ‘Seismic data processing can challenge high performance computing systems, particularly with conventional storage technologies, which can’t keep pace with the parallel processing functions required for most seismic processing jobs. Hardware is often waiting for storage systems to catch up, creating I/O bottlenecks.’ Panasas storage subsystems deploy a dedicated ‘PanFS’ parallel file system, eliminate I/O bottlenecks, improving application performance and cluster use.


Panasas delivers ActiveStor storage as an ‘appliance,’ suitable for deployment and administration in shops with limited IT staff. Landmark has also optimized its processing suite to take advantage of the high end storage systems. The software is available bundled with Panasas ActiveStor parallel storage clusters.

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