JOA extends Jewel Suite in deals with Fusion and Enres

Jewel Suite-based service offering in Houston. CycloLog-based well correlation toolset announced.

Netherlands-based upstream software house JOA has teamed with Fusion Reservoir Engineering Services to offer integrated geological modeling, reservoir engineering, reservoir simulation and field management services. JOA’s Jewel Suite and Fusion’s project management expertise will be available from a new company, ‘Fusion Reservoir Engineering Services.’ Fusion and JOA are also working to integrate their software in a new cross platform offering.


Fusion CEO Alan Huffman said, ‘Our vision is of an integrated services and technology offering across the geoscience and engineering disciplines that will integrate the strengths of all of our proprietary software. The integration of the Fusion and JOA software and technology will provide a new concept for integrated services that will change the way oil and gas are discovered and produced.’


JOA has also teamed with Enres to develop a ‘next generation’ well correlation tool. Using Enres’ ‘CycloLog’ tool—targeting areas where 3D seismic is unavailable and where modeling is ‘wellbore driven.’

Jewel Suite 2008

JOA has also announced Jewel Suite 2008—with OpenWorks and GeoGraphix file support, 3D visualization, speedup of seismic slices and volume display, uncertainty management and more.

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