Mobile wireless networksfor Medco Energi’s drillers

Meshdynamics’ wireless solution links field base to mobile rigs operating on the Karim Small Fields Area, Oman.

Jakarta, Indonesia-based upstream operator Medco Energi has deployed a wireless solution to link its field base with several drilling rigs in the Karim Small Fields area in the Sultanate of Oman. Medco uses the network for the transmission of drilling data, Internet, email and providing for future voice and video. Increasing the challenge, the rigs move around an area of 250 square miles (650 square kilometers) typically every 15-20 days.


Muscat-based Hussam Technology Company designed and supplied the turnkey solution built around MeshDynamics’ MD4000 third generation Structured Mesh wireless solution. The mesh network consists of wireless hops every seven to nine kilometers consisting of both point-to-point links and point-to-multipoint links. MeshDynamics MD4000 nodes operate in a wide variety of frequency ranges. Here the 5.8GHz band was used as local telco regulations allowed for higher transmit power in this band.


The MeshDynamics technology provides bandwidths of 36Mbps to 54Mbps for email, Internet and drilling data exchange. The MD4000 family supports up to four radios in a rugged weatherproof enclosure about the size of a hardbound novel, ideal for Medco’s demanding application. Solar power systems were installed at a number of locations to power the mesh nodes.


MeshDynamics CTO Francis daCosta said,‘Our business continues to grow with natural resources enterprises, customers now include seismic exploration, mining, and petroleum exploration firms worldwide. These markets are growing rapidly with these industries’ increased focus on worker safety and efficiency.’ Other HTC communications solutions leverage Free Space Optics (FSO), Millimeter-wave, Microwave, WiMAX, WiFi Mesh Networks, Outdoor and Indoor Wireless LAN. More from

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