Business intelligence added to DecisionSpace for Production

Incuity’s EMI tools extend Landmark’s AssetObserver. Sigma frac service available as new workflow.

Halliburton’s Landmark unit has just announced updates to the production optimization components of its DecisionSpace for Production suite. V 2.0 of AssetObserver, a web based production management system now embeds business intelligence functionality from California-based Incuity Software. The IncuityEMI platform maximizes the AssetObserver environment’s existing capabilities, allowing it to seamlessly read, update and delete data from third-party or proprietary data sources.


Landmark CTO Chris Usher said, ‘With the addition of the IncuityEMI platform, AssetObserver can now integrate data from more sources and provide greater utility and efficiency to our clients. By introducing this technology in the production optimization space, Landmark is providing a tool for greater insight into production operations that can lead directly to more efficient execution at the asset level and improved returns.’


Incuity was recently acquired by Rockwell Automation (which also has acquired another company, Pavilion Technologies which provides the platform for Landmark’s AssetSolver). Product manager Kim Sharp told Oil IT Journal, ‘We believe that the acquisition of both of the companies by Rockwell will result in greater synergies between the platforms that will benefit all of the DecisionSpace for Production products.’


Landmark has also migrated one of Halliburton’s service-derived workflows into DecisionSpace. Halliburton’s Sigma process for designing stimulation (frac) jobs has been encapsulated into Sigma-Solver as a new workflow. More from

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