Elynx real time monitoring for Tempest, Bachtell Oil

Automation and remote monitoring solution used to diagnose problems and improve reliability.

Tulsa-headquartered eLynx Technologies has announced two new signings for its web-based monitoring and field automation services this month. Bachtell Oil and Gas is to deploy eLynx monitoring technology on a field in Tatum, Texas. Bachtell, an independent operator based in Longview, Texas, has been using eLynx’s services for the last four years to monitor two other fields.


David Batchell, VP operations said, ‘Automating saves us a tremendous amount of time because we can diagnose any potential production problems first thing in the morning before we head out to the field. We chose eLynx because of the reliability we have experienced in our prior working relationship over the years.’


Tempest Energy Resources has likewise selected eLynx to monitor facilities in state waters along the Gulf Coast of Texas. Tempest operations superintendent John Delaney said, ‘eLynx’s monitoring, alarm and call-out system plays a big role in allowing us to meet our operational goals. We can check our wells and other critical operations in real time, wherever internet access is available. Alarm notifications allow us to respond quickly to problems and keep downtime to a minimum.’ eLynx reports 215 E&P corporate users and has operations in 20 states.

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