Wired coiled tubing enhances operations monitoring

New ACTive service from Schlumberger uses fiber communications and DTS to optimize jobs.

Schlumberger has introduced a new family of coiled-tubing services leveraging real-time downhole measurements. The new ‘ACTive’ range of coiled-tubing (CT) services uses a ruggedized high-bandwidth fiber-optic cable deployed inside the coiled-tubing string to link bottomhole sensors with surface monitors and controls.


CT Services VP Sherif Foda said, ‘When you know exactly what’s happening downhole, you can adjust job parameters in real time based on downhole measurements and make a difference to the results while the operation is still in progress.’ ACTive monitors injection rates and other downhole parameters, and provides formation damage mitigation, enhanced nitrogen lift and distributed temperature surveying (DTS) of the well to monitor treatment placement and production performance. The ACTive tool featured in two presentations at the SPE/ICoTA Coiled Tubing & Well Intervention Conference and Exhibition held last month at The Woodlands, Texas.

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