Landmark buys KSI

Halliburton’s software arm adds Knowledge Systems’ geomechanical analysis and geopressure capability to its well placement portfolio.

Halliburton’s Landmark unit has acquired the intellectual property, assets and business of Knowledge Systems Inc. (KSI). KSI provides geopressure and geomechanical analysis software and services for well placement and design.


Landmark VP Paul Koeller said, ‘Drilling deeper in complex reservoirs requires access to the real-time pore pressure and geomechanical information that KSI provides. Integrating Landmark’s well planning and engineering solutions with KSI’s pore pressure prediction and geomechanics will reduce the time needed to plan, drill and complete wells.’


KSI’s flagship Drillworks software drilling performance and well path optimization. An integrated ‘Pressworks’ relational database stores and manages pore pressure and geomechanical information.

Prior deals

Schlumberger has also boosted its geomechanical offering with the acquisition of TerraTek of Salt Lake City (OITJ July 06) and more recently the acquisition of UK-based boutique VIPS. (May 07).

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