ConocoPhillips’ ‘GeoCraft’ open source geoscience framework

Geoscience code base placed in public domain to encourage collaboration with vendors, academia.

ConocoPhillips has initiated an open source software project, GeoCraft, a general purpose geoscience development platform. GeoCraft began as a way to encourage code reuse at ConocoPhillips which considers that most of its code does not need to be kept secret. Open sourcing the commodity parts of its code base makes for improved collaboration with vendors and universities and will help ConocoPhillips source its geoscience software from consortia, software startups and standards bodies.


Designed as a lightweight framework for rapid prototyping and deployment of new geoscience algorithms, GeoCraft tools include ‘ABavo’ for seismic amplitude versus offset (AVO) analysis, ‘GeoMath,’ simple geoscience algorithms and tools for visualization and data exploration. GeoCraft targets a wide user community including exploration geoscientists, research geophysicists, computer scientists and data managers.


The framework includes a standardized domain model based on geoscience objects such as wells, traces, logs, faults, horizons and seismic volumes. Effort has been made to reconcile the different types and levels of detail among proprietary formats to enable interoperability. Viewers send and receive data selection, GIS, and cursor tracking events and a right mouse click displays an object’s properties. More from

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