Enigma Data Solutions teams with high-end hardware provider

Project Archive and Retrieval System (PARS) successfully tested on NetApp NearStore virtual tape.

Oil and gas data archiving specialists Enigma Data Solutions reports the successful testing of its geotechnical archiving solution, PARS, with NetApp’s NearStore Virtual Tape Library (VTL) appliances. This new development enables oil companies to manage data archiving more cost effectively by embracing modern storage media without losing the advantages of tape-based backup systems or compatibility with legacy systems.


Enigma VP Tim Bowler said, ‘VTL allows seismic data formatted tapes to be stored on disk and accessed as if they were on a very fast physical tape. By combining the VTL with Enigma’s I/O layer and a small tape library, we provide an independent and cost effective information lifecycle management solution from archiving and tape management to the creation of secure tape copies of geotechnical data and projects for deep archive purposes.’


NetApp’s VTL appliance mimics tape-based systems, saving space and eliminating the need to maintain and operate a robotic automated tape storage facility on-site. The local VTL appliance can be mirrored at a purpose built, off-site tape storage facility for long term storage. VTL also provides high-performance disk compression and de-duping capabilities. Testing was carried out at Enigma’s Houston facility. The results demonstrated successful archiving of data from projects written with major oil and gas applications including Landmark’s SeisWorks and OpenWorks and Schlumberger’s GeoFrame. More from gavin.keeler@netapp.com.

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