EMGS builds ‘Aurora’ supercomputer around Fusion

Controlled source EM specialist builds 70 teraflop cluster around Ibrix Fusion file serving software.

Controlled source electromagnetic (CSEM) imaging specialist Electromagnetic Geoservices (EMGS) is boosting its high performance computing facility in Trondheim, Norway with the deployment of a new data center capable of performing 70 trillion operations per second. The new set up, named ‘Aurora,’ comprises 1,830 Dell PowerEdge dual-core servers and 106 terabytes of EMC CX3-40.


Ibrix Fusion file serving software is deployed to manage the cluster’s storage array. Fusion provides cluster, grid, and enterprise computing environments with a scalable solution to growing data volumes.


EMGS IT manager said, ‘Growth has placed a severe demand on our computing resources, increasing the number of jobs we process from 300 to over 15,000. Since 2005 Ibrix has demonstrated terrific performance in our high volume cluster and, most importantly, we have stable connections from all the nodes, enabling our always-on environment.’


EMGS claims the world’s largest fleet and has conducted over 300 CSEM surveys to date. For what it’s worth, 70 TF would put the EMGS calculator around the number 13 slot in the TOP500 list of supercomputers. But this list omits most industrial and commercial machines. More from Phil Haskell—info@ibrix.com.

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