Saudi Aramco builds data infrastructure on Petris’ technology

‘Data Services’ technology extends PetrisWINDS Enterprise to seismic data management.

Omar Akbar’s presentation at the 2008 PNEC described Saudi Aramco’s authoritative data store and data services toolset (DSS). The system, developed around PetrisWinds Enterprise, revolves around, ‘smart business objects,’ data plus intelligence exposed as services. Aramco wants to be independent from vendors (including Petris!) so that it can independently define and change business rules and workflows.


The system is used in seismic acquisition, processing and interpretation where a taxonomy has been defined. The object approach means that an interpretation can be stored as a part of the seismic section business object as dictated by the business rules. These have been set up so that they can be changed in a configuration file, no programming is required. DSS works alongside Documentum and OpenWorks.


DSS is being productized by Petris Technology as ‘Petris Data Services.’ This is extending the footprint of Petris Winds Enterprise into the seismic domain. Conversely, Aramco expects the toolset to extend into well management.

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