DNV unit announces corrosion data management toolkit

CC Technologies and DCG team on pipeline integrity management solution ‘Corr MD.’

DNV unit CC Technologies, in cooperation with DCG Inc., has released ‘Corr MD,’ a pipeline corrosion data management toolkit for integrity management of onshore and offshore pipeline systems. Corr MD was developed following a CCT/NACE International study which found that corrosion is costing pipeline operators around $7 billion per year.


Corr MD was unveiled at the North American Corrosion Engineering (NACE) 2008 conference held last month in New Orleans. The first release of the program focuses on internal corrosion management, but subsequent releases will target key integrity tools required for corrosion management, activity planning and budgeting.


User-defined reporting parameters, data assessment, record retention and automated task scheduling support compliance with 49 CFR 192 and 49 CFR 195 in the US and CSA Z662 in Canada. The tool also offers tiered security levels and image-storing capacity and is compliant with the Pipeline Open Data Standard (PODS), Orbit+ Pipeline and other integrity management systems. Corr MD provides both guidance for collecting the data and directions for proper usage and data management. Corr MD manages information from a multitude of corrosion monitoring and test results, such as gas analysis, coupon monitoring, liquid composition, pig residues, inhibitor and biocide use, operational conditions, etc.

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