FIATECH ‘CETI’ award to ISO 15926 work in progress

Bechtel, Fluor, Bentley Systems and NRX Global recognized for engineering and technology innovation.

At the 2008 Fiatech conference in New Orleans this month, a ‘CETI’ award was presented to Bechtel, Fluor, Bentley Systems and NRX Global for their ‘work in progress’ (WIP) on accelerating the deployment of ISO 15926. The CETI (Celebration of Engineering & Technology Innovation) awards recognize significant achievements in new and emerging technology research, development, deployment and implementation related to capital projects.


At the same time, Hans Teijgeler has ended his authorship of ISO 15926-7 after 16 years of involvement in the standard. Tiegler’s work on the authoritative website is to continue while Onno Paap, of Fluor Corp. takes over with the 15926-7 authorship.

Semantic web

The ISO 15926 WIP is a flagship use of the World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) ‘semantic web’ technology and addresses computer and data interoperability in the process industry and large capital projects. The 4D (space-time) data model provides a historical record throughout the lifecycle of a facility and is expected to help with data handover from contractors to operators.


A recent addition on the InfoWeb website is a compliance test for adherence to the ISO 15926-7—pending the release of an official version from ISO. Next month Oil IT Journal will be providing more on ISO 15926 and the semantic web technology in a report from the upcoming POSC-Caesar Association’s ‘Semantic Days’ conference in Stavanger.

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