AnTech rolls out ‘DAQ>’ toolkit for coiled tubing operations

Low cost data acquisition and connectivity solution offers live, remote monitoring.

At the SPE/ICoTA Coiled Tubing and Well Intervention Conference in The Woodlands, Texas this month, UK-based AnTech announced ‘Daq>,’ a new data acquisition system designed for coiled tubing (CT) operations. The modular system transmits depth, temperature, pressure and fluid flow data in real-time. Daq> comprises three modules. Daq>W is a modular, battery-powered wireless mesh networked of sensors. The low power sensors meet the ATEX requirements for use in hazardous areas. A hardwired Daq>H unit can be used to acquire data directly from the CT unit. The Daq>I links the well the internet via satellite.


AnTech MD Toni Miszewski said, ‘Once the preserve of larger operators, now everyone can view live data during CT operations from anywhere in the world.’ Daq> uses ‘ZigBee’ low power, low cost wireless sensors.

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