Companies team on data quality initiative

Intervera Data Vera quality toolset to integrate PetrisWINDS Enterprise data access technology.

Petris Technology is to team with Intervera Data Solutions of Calgary on a strategic partnership to combine Intervera’s E&P data quality solution, DataVera, with Petris Winds Enterprise solution for consolidating data from disparate data sources. Initial trials have been completed using both technologies to monitor data quality in a number of industry data stores.


Intervera President Paul Gregory said, ‘Companies now have an easy way to identify and fix problems so that they can focus on exploration decision making instead of questioning the data every time.’


The DataVera suite leverages an industry-specific rules repository to find and fix data issues. The new deal makes it possible to profile data quality, standardize data, derive missing values and manage duplicates across PetrisWINDS-connected data stores.


Petris President Jim Pritchett added, ‘This partnership has far-reaching implications and opens up numerous opportunities for DataVera to play a key role in making quality data available to any application connected to PetrisWINDS Enterprise.’ The companies plan to continue enhancing other offerings through this strategic alliance. More from

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