M2M announces Intelligent Data Acquisition telemetry service

New service provides offline data collection and upload for entry-level field data acquisition.

A new field data acquisition service from M2M Data Corp., ‘Intelligent Data Acquisition’ (IDA), targets entry level data collection. IDA software runs on an operator’s laptop or PDA and collects field data at the rig site. This can later be uploaded to M2M’s iSCADA remote monitoring service.


IDA is an economical alternative to satellite-based telemetry where real time data is not required. IDA includes M2M’s standard security and authentication processes. Data collection can be on a scheduled or ad hoc basis. Once data has been uploaded over an internet connection, remote access to the data is possible from an authenticated client.


M2M Data CEO Don Wallace said, ‘IDA is a cost-effective way of deploying iSCADA without investing in satellite telemetry.’

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