DO2 for Brigham, OpenInvoice 7.3 and ‘Kiosk’ for field workers

With 8,000 suppliers onboard, transitioning from paper to electronic invoicing is quick.

Brigham Exploration Company has selected DO2 Technologies’ (previously Digital Oilfield) ‘OpenInvoice’ electronic invoicing to automate its invoice reconciliation and approval process. Brigham is migrating its legacy paper-based process to OpenInvoice and is also to implement DO2’s PriceBook application for automated line item reconciliation against contract pricing.


Malcom Brown, VP and Controller with Brigham said, ‘DO2 now has over 8,000 suppliers transacting which means that the majority of our transactions now come in electronically. The ability to check invoices against contract pricing is also a big plus.’ PriceBook goes beyond invoice presentment, routing, and approval to offer integration with back-office procurement systems from SAP, Oracle and Ariba. Open Invoice is a software as a service (SaaS) solution, hosted by DO2 and delivered over the internet.

R 7.3

DO2 has also announced release 7.3 of OpenInvoice with a new ‘image module’ for tracking scanned paper invoices. Another new product, OpenInvoice Kiosk adds electronic approval of delivery tickets and goods receipts from an ATM-like touch screen in the field.

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