High resolution SPOT imagery for Western Canada

Iunctus and geoLOGIC Systems offer detailed imagery to geoSCOUT users.

GeoLogic Systems of Calgary is to provide users of its GeoSout E&P decision support system with access to up-to-date, high-resolution satellite imagery of the Western Canadian sedimentary basins. Through an agreement with Iunctus Geomatics GeoSout users will get ‘point and click’ access to high resolution SPOT imagery of Western Canada’s oil provinces—North-East British Columbia, Alberta and Southern Saskatchewan.


GeoLogic president David Hood said, ‘Satellite imaging is a powerful technology whose time has come. When we evaluated the SPOT High Resolution Imagery from Iunctus, it was clear the comprehensive coverage and data currency represented a major improvement over other services that have previously been available to our customers.’ High resolution satellite imagery is used in planning pipeline corridors, site access evaluations and environmental monitoring and assessments.


Iunctus President Ryan Johnson added, ‘This is a tremendous opportunity for us to gain industry exposure. Also GeoScout users will be basing their decisions on the most current imagery available and will receive annual imagery updates of the entire area.’ Data from the French SPOT satellites is downloaded directly to the Iunctus ground station in Lethbridge before orthorectification, tonal balancing and mosaicing of the 1.2 million square kilometer dataset.

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