Channel architecture reservoir analogs database announced

C&C Reservoirs extends ‘Digital Analogs’ repository with channel geometry and fill data.

C&C Reservoirs has added another component to its ‘Digital Analogs’ global field and reservoir database. C&C Reservoirs’ Channel Architecture Reservoir Database (CARD) is the first phase of an extension to C&CR’s analogs library to offer ‘comprehensive reservoir architectural data.’ The database includes published reviews of subsurface, outcrop and modern analog data and will provide a framework for the study of channel reservoir architectures worldwide. CARD will include information on reservoir dimensions, connectivity, compartmentalization and productivity.


CARD data will cover channel dimensions, internal geometries, lithofacies, compartmentalization, stacking patterns and connectivity. Water flood and sweep characteristics will be characterized to enable study of oil and gas productivity.


CARD is designed to help companies involved in field development planning, optimizing enhanced oil recovery (EOR) programs, establishing well spacing and infill drilling programs. Deliverables include the analogs database, a detailed classification of channel types and a ‘web-based knowledge platform’ for search and analysis. The first phase of CARD will be completed by Q1, 2009.

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