Weatherford launches ‘Production Office’

New software collection addresses surface to subsurface modeling and production surveillance.

Weatherford has just announced ‘Production Office,’ (PO) a collection of production and well management packages for surface to subsurface modeling, surveillance, analysis and monitoring. The full-field package offers standard workflows to optimize artificial lift and enable production surveillance, reservoir monitoring and basic well testing. A modular approach means that PO can be customized to suit the needs of each client. By choosing only the modules needed, production companies are able to address current needs while building a plan to expand the system in the future.


The suite is based on open standards including web services and PRODML and OPC for accessing SCADA data. Connectivity with popular engineering and simulation tools ensures the package integrates with existing reservoir management workflows. A standard platform for all components minimizes training time. PO embeds proved applications from recent acquisitions including eProduction Solutions, Edinburgh Petroleum Services and Case Services—notably WellFlo, PanSystem, PanMesh, MatBal, ReO, ReOForecast, DynaLift, Well Service Manager and LOWIS software. Over 90,000 wells worldwide are optimized with software from Weatherford.


A typical use case provides notification of underperforming wells—replacing rote field surveillance with automated event detection and field data consolidation. Network management tools model how field component changes interact, enabling discovery of an optimum development scenario.

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