Chevron’s Web 2.0/3D real time ‘dazzles’ SPAR attendees

LIDAR conference presentations on ‘as built’ virtual models and new 3D imaging standards from NIST.

Speaking at the 2008 SPAR conference Kevyn Renner, strategy and planning leader, control and information systems with Chevron’s global refining unit gave a ‘dazzling’ demonstration of laser scan for 3D data capture. This is leveraged with Web 2.0 technology to serve up plant asset information in a ‘virtual environment that supports remote collaboration, real-time immersion and expert knowledge capture.’


At a well attended session, Alan Lytle of NIST and chair of the ASTM E57 committee on 3D imaging systems, gave an update on the committee’s work on standard terminology, instrument performance evaluation, best practices and data exchange protocols. The E57 committee meets twice yearly to discuss 3D imaging systems including laser scanners (LIDAR) and optical range cameras. Other conference tracks illustrated high-dynamic-range and gigapixel imaging with 3D laser scanning, fusing laser scan and sonar data, managing very large 3D databases. SPAR 2008 had over 700 attendees—30% up on last year. More from

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