API 2008 Basic Petroleum Data Book released

American Petroleum Institute online compendium of US and international statistics from 1947.

The American Petroleum Institute (API) has just published the 2008 edition of its Basic Petroleum Data Book—now in its 28th year. The Data Book is a compendium of US and international petroleum statistics beginning, in most instances, in 1947. The Data Book contains historical data on worldwide oil and natural gas reserves, exploration and drilling, production, refining, transportation, historical prices, product demand, imports, exports and environmental information. A glossary and a source/contact list are included in the 600-page volume.


The Basic Petroleum Data Book is available electronically through API’s electronic statistical service, API DATA. The electronic version is updated continuously and files are posted as Excel spreadsheets. Subscribers to the electronic version receive unlimited access to all updates for an annual fee of $5,295 for non-API members, or $2,720 for members. Subscription to the two issues of the print edition costs $1,430 with a 20 percent discount for API members. More from http://apidata.api.org.

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