Petrobras’ quality

Intervera’s DataVera Suite is now Brazilian NOC’s ‘gold standard’ for well data quality. Intervera believes awareness of quality issues growing.

Petrobras is to implement Intervera’s DataVera Suite to improve its well data quality. DataVera ‘HealthCheck’ and ‘Clean*’ have been selected as Petrobras’ ‘gold standard’ for well data quality profiling, reporting and cleaning.


Intervera president and managing partner Paul Gregory said, ‘Awareness of data quality is gaining a lot of momentum across the oil and gas industry—especially with the industry-wide drive towards Master Data Management.’ DataVera comprises a growing repository of reusable, industry-specific rules created by Intervera’s E&P clients. HealthCheck lets users audit and validate their data in a matter of days. Clean standardizes data by deriving missing values and performing grid shifts, changing depths or units of measure.


Gregory concluded, ‘While it’s impossible to prevent all data errors, DataVera can certainly assist in minimizing the impact of poor data quality and help to initiate a continuous and repeatable data quality roadmap within an organization.’ More from

*The HealthCheck/Clean combo is also known as the DataVera ‘Standardization Suite.’

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