Award for Odfjell’s PhoDoc drilling monitoring application

Web based tool leverages open source software for real time data integration, collaboration.

Norwegian Odfjell Drilling Technology has won an award from the European Multimedia Forum for its ‘PhoDoc,’ web-based remote real time drilling monitoring solutions. StatoilHydro and ConocoPhillips both use the package which is also deployed in Odfjell Drilling’s operations.


PhoDoc embeds open source software including a MySQL database backend and a PHP middle tier. Two user interfaces are available, the Dashboard (developed with the PRADO framework for PHP5) and the Browser (which uses Flash). All communication between the Browser and the middle tier is done using XML.


To facilitate secure SOA, PhoDoc implements several prevention mechanisms including a Secure Socket Layer (HTTPS), sensitive data encryption using SHA1 and using ViewState, part of the PRADO framework. The application exposes detailed information about installations through a ‘project based collaboration interface.’ PhoDoc integrates with foreign real time data sources. For example it is possible to integrate logistics information from SAP and view it in PhoDoc. PhoDoc can communicate with WITSML and PRODML data sources although these do not comprise the backbone of the system.

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