Denbury tracks well failures with Winds Enterprise

Petris Technologies’ package used in root cause analysis of stripper well failure.

Petris has just published an analysis showing how information management (IM) performed with its PetrisWINDS Operations Center (PWOC) can lead to cost efficiencies and reduced well failure. The PWOC well failure module provides processes and key performance metrics of failure histories, production rates, repair histories and chemical treatments. Denbury Resources has been using PWOC to track well failures for the last five years.


Denbury Operations Manager Bill McMann said, ‘The only way to mitigate well failures is to look for trends at the granular data level. Knowing the well bore configuration is only part of the equation, you also need other factors like rod failures, tubing wear, drilling depths, mud properties and environmental conditions at the time of failure.’


One Denbury analysis compared found a trend of unusual rod and tubing failures at a particular depth and direction. Simple changes were effected to bring the wells back on stream. Petris’ back of the envelope economic calculations suggest a million dollar saving per year is possible on a 100 stripper well field. More from

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