Stratavia data center automation for Xcel Energy

Data Palette optimizes server provisioning and database administration across distributed resources.

Electricity and natural gas provider Xcel Energy has deployed Stratavia’s data center automation platform to streamline IT operations. Stratavia’s Data Palette helps IT professionals define and orchestrate standard operating procedures and reports. An ‘intelligent rules engine’ lets IT administrators combine automation with predictive analytics to move from ‘chaotic, reactive activities’ to a ‘higher level of automation intelligence.’


Xcel CIO Michael Carlson said, ‘This technology allows us to optimize system performance across the entire energy grid, automating critical IT processes, such as server provisioning and database administration.’


According to Stratavia president and CEO Thor Culverhouse, ‘Data Palette automates data center operations in critical and complex environments, mitigating IT disruptions. Xcel Energy is pioneering methods that set the standard for availability in their industry.’ Xcel was founded some 150 years ago and now operates 34,500 miles of natural gas pipelines. Its data center operations are outsourced to IBM’s Global Services.

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