CaTS fixes broken permanent gauge on BP’s Mungo platform

Expro Group’s wireless telemetry system uses failed gauge’s cable as signal path.

Expro Group, now rebranded as just ‘Expro,’ reports successful deployment of its Cableless Telemetry System (CaTS) in a ‘challenging’ offshore well in the UK North Sea. CaTS was positioned in the W160 well on BP’s Mungo platform. The old cabled permanent gauge was failing and BP wanted to restore the flow of real-time reservoir pressure and temperature data without a workover. The CaTS system comprises a range of downhole instrumentation and control valves along with a battery powered, wireless data transmission system. This transmits low frequency radio waves, leveraging the natural waveguide of the well’s tubing or casing. CaTS provides pressure and temperature information for production monitoring and optimization of high-rate gas wells. Bi-directional communication can also be deployed for cable-free control applications.


Expro ingeniously used a failed permanent gauge and cable as a signal path to relay the CaTS signal to the surface. The CaTS system was deployed on slickline in November and is now interfaced to the platform’s SCADA system. Bottom hole pressure and temperature data is received in real time by BP onshore.

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