NORSAR announces ‘SeisRox’ for model-assisted seismic

Norwegian R&D shop commercializes quantitative seismic interpretation toolset.

Norwegian research institute Norsar has just commercialized ‘SeisRoX,’ a tool for quantitative, model-assisted seismic interpretation. The package aims to facilitate quantitative interpretation with a ‘multi-domain’ model concept, integrating rock physics with seismic modeling technology. SeisRoX provides a direct means of visualizing the relationship between the rock properties and the seismic image and investigating the effects of uncertainty.


SeisRoX can be used to model pre-stack depth migrated seismic (PSDM) attributes at the reservoir scale. A ‘robust and flexible’ workflow guides the user from the generation of the rock physics model through to the simulation and analysis of the 3D PSDM seismic image. This approach is particularly useful for investigating the seismic sensitivity to geological properties, seismic properties and reservoir geometry.

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