Semaphore and Industrial Defender team on SCADA security

CSE Global unit is to add cyber security to its T-Box and Kingfisher real time units.

CSE Global’s Semaphore unit teamed with Industrial Defender’s (ID) to embed ID’s cyber security technology in its T-BOX and Kingfisher real time units (RTU). Semaphore’s T-BOX is an IP-based telemetry solution that integrates SCADA, control, and communications functionality in a rugged package. T-BOX uses web technologies and public networks for decentralized monitoring and control. ID’s Defense in Depth cyber security solutions for process control includes network security professional services, technology and managed security services.

Cost reduction

Semaphore claims its T-BOX products offer up to 50% less total installed cost per point versus traditional SCADA/ PLC systems and permit greater organizational access to data through automated reporting and browser software. T-BOX’s push and web technologies enable high performance, economical implementation and operation.


Web server technology with SMS* reporting and remote control provides real-time access over the internet. Operators also receive alarms and communicate with their sites remotely using a cell phone. Automatic alarm escalation allows key maintenance personnel to receive any unacknowledged alarms. Semaphore’s products are designed for monitoring and control applications in many verticals including oil and gas.

* Text messaging.

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