StatoilHydro extends scope of pipeline software

EnergySolutions upgrades PipelineManager installation to include gas pipeline simulation and management.

Energy Solutions is implementing its PipelineManager package on StatoilHydro’s gas lines and is also upgrading the software on the company’s liquids lines. StatoilHydro will use PipelineManager for leak detection, product tracking and modeling pipeline behavior.


Sigve Arthun, procurement advisor for StatoilHydro said, ‘We’ve been using PipelineManager on our liquids lines for several years with a good track record of customer support from EnergySolutions. We are building a new combined heat and power station and are therefore upgrading our PM installation to support this gas-powered unit.’


EnergySolutions’ operations director Clive Seaton added, ‘StatoilHydro can benefit from a lower cost of ownership by deploying PM on both liquids and gas pipelines. A single solution is easier to implement and provides more standard functionality—which is important for StatoilHydro’s long-term pipeline management strategy.” PipelineManager is used worldwide for hydraulic modeling, inventory calculations, leak detection, product tracking, predictive simulations, DRA and scraper tracking, instrument drift and survival time calculations.

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