Carpus Integrated Operations Lab connects to Kristin

Kongsberg Oil and Gas has opened the doors on a new real-time, remote collaboration facility.

Kongsberg’s oil and gas division has opened a new ‘integrated operations laboratory’ at its Carpus HQ in Norway. The ‘IO Lab’ will develop and test work practices and tools for collaboration between the company’s own engineers and customers. The Lab addresses new build projects, operations and modification and maintenance tasks. The IO Lab is equipped with advanced audiovisual systems, 3D well and reservoir visualization software and real time information systems for drilling and production operations. Advanced process simulators can be linked to the control system for testing and real time operations. Remote access to process control systems allows for inspection, diagnostics and parameterization. Time stamped records of control system parameters can be recorded in a ‘real time logistic model’ of the whole field.


Trond Weberg, Kongsberg Maritime CTO said, ‘The IO Lab allows us to remotely assist customers by bringing in the required experts without having to travel to a site. Communications and audiovisual technology provide offsite workers with access to the same tools. It’s as good as being on the spot!’ In October 2007 the IO Lab connected live to StatoilHydro’s Kristin platform. A test monitored the activity of five Kongsberg maintenance engineers working on Kristin’s process control systems.

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