Remote asset management solution gets ISO/API certification

SARS Andronics uses low earth satellites and GPRS cellphone technology to monitor remote assets.

Seattle-based remote asset management and telematics specialist SARS Corp. has received ISO quality certification for its SARS Andronics liquid petroleum gas monitoring unit. Andronics’ UtilityEye LPG system monitors remote LPG tanks, both above and below ground and sends a notifications when a tank is filled or when fuel levels drop. The system communicates via low-earth orbit satellite for reliable monitoring in remote locations. ISO 9001-2000 was developed in conjunction with the American Petroleum Institute (API) as the basis of quality management systems for manufacturers and service providers.


SARS CEO Clayton Shelver said, ‘The rigorous certification program assures customer confidence and accelerates sales.’ Andronics currently has 4,000 LPG units deployed with some of Europe’s largest energy companies. The company also develops the LEOCATE GPRS-based vehicle tracking system that monitors fleet movements and ‘calls home’ with automated email reports on engine idle time, distance traveled, number of stops, hours worked and fleet utilization. Northern Ireland-based Andronics was acquired by SARS in December 2007.

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